Janet R Stafford


Maggie's story shoots ahead two years to 1863.

Arsonists destroy her boarding house and husband Eli's newspaper business. To make matters worse, their good friend Nate Johnson has been beaten twice, and the threats seem to be escalating. Help is on the horizon, though. Eli's sister invites the boarding house family to help fugitive slaves evade the Confederate army and find freedom in the North - but they all must move from Blaineton, New Jersey to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

With Eli and Carson away covering the war as reporters, and Patrick and Edgar serving as soldiers in the Union army, Maggie and the remaining members of the family are left to manage things in Gettysburg. But as the war edges closer to Pennsylvania, everyone wrestles with the violence, the meaning of "enemy," and how they will be able to keep their strength, faith and love in the midst of a life-threatening crisis.

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